Echo's Admin App.

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Echo's Admin App.

Post by ((-Echo-)) on 08.01.14 23:21

~Age: 14
~Who are you?: SWL ((-Echo-))
~What server are you applying for (HELLFIRE, MATRIX, or LEGION)?: Legion and Matrix. (If I have to pick 1 then Matrix)
~Do you have any past experience(s) adminning servers?: Yes. I was admin for the ALS server.
~Are you good at handling arguments?: Yes.
~Are you trustworthy?: Of course.
~Anything else you'd like to add about yourself?:

Btw I'm applying because I want to be able to change the map, teams, etc. if the admins aren't online. I'm also hoping to take off the password(s) some of the time and fill up the server(s).  Very Happy



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Re: Echo's Admin App.

Post by ṜṲṖṬṲṜḜ on 09.01.14 1:53

App accepted. I'll pm you your admin to Matrix and ask Monky for admin to Legion. I have no doubts you will be a great admin.

Topic locked.

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