─ℓєgєη∂─ Award

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─ℓєgєη∂─ Award

Post by ṜṲṖṬṲṜḜ on 13.02.14 2:45

This is an award awarded to a player who has contributed immensely to the clan- who's very presence inspires us to become better. I recognize you as a valuable asset to the clan. Everyone is valuable, yet you stand out from everyone else.

I will be awarding this whenever I feel like someone deserves it. During 1 month will your name be displayed on the portal to shot all visitors that you represent the clan's best and that we recognize you as such.

I may or may not award this every other month.

The first award goes to Wyobear, undoubtedly one of the best PC players who still plays, we will help you in battle all we can to bring out your best and to have fun while raping other clans. You deserve it Wyo.

Set your soul on fire and let the world watch you burn.


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