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Post by BoMbeR on 19.09.13 10:12

So I hear this clan claims to be the best of PC? Even though you have only beaten the retard clans who play this game... I would love to 1v1 any of you, I'll even offer a  prize to any scrub who gets 5 kills on me or who even beats me (Which won't happen).

Rules: ESL 1v1 Rules (

1 map, first to 15 then switch sides and play to 15 again (in total 30)

Specs allowed

Maps allowed: (You pick any of these maps)
Tantive IV
Jabbas Palace

Prize: 25$ if you get 5 kills, 50$ if you win. Will send via Paypal.

Edit: I own multiple dedicated server from my server box's in Chicago and Dallas, all servers have no lag and equal ping for everyone. It can be done in one of those server.


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Re: Challenge

Post by ṜṲṖṬṲṜḜ on 19.09.13 16:04

I will say this very clearly, if I join the server and discover you use hax or use some sort of glitch (ex.not taking any damage, aim bot, etc.) I will leave your server and ban you from the site. I hope that is clear.

-I will accept your challenge though I do not require you to pay SWL anything if I do get 5 or more kills. That would be at your own will and honor.

-This 1v1 will not judge the skill of the clan as a whole, in fact we are stronger because we have teamwork in 2v2's and up. We will prove that when we battle LOE. Nevertheless, I am experienced in 1v1's and thus I am looking forward to it if you are as good as you say you are. Otherwise I shall be bored Razz 

-I cannot open Cope/paste the rules.

-I will tell you when I am available after you respond.



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