(SWL)vs.{JOG} Conquest

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(SWL)vs.{JOG} Conquest

Post by ṜṲṖṬṲṜḜ on 08.10.13 14:47

This should happen this week.

{JOG} Map --- (SWL) Faction
(SWL) Mos Esley --- {JOG} Faction
{JOG} Map --- (SWL) Faction
(SWL) Coruscant --- {JOG} Faction
{JOG} Map --- (SWL) Faction

~Team damage on.
~Only Galactic Civil War.
~No glitching.
~60 second warm up timer.
~Reinforcements must be set to no more than 300% and no less than 150%.
~No tanks.
~No turrets (auto turrets are allowed).
~No specials (Class Specific but no specials).
~No spawn jumping the warm-up timer.
~If someone lags out, the map can be restarted if the player does not join back quickly and both clans do not agree to continue after he rejoins.

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