SWBF2 Raptor Squad Benefits

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SWBF2 Raptor Squad Benefits

Post by ṜṲṖṬṲṜḜ on 10.06.14 15:06

For SWBF2 PC our current benefits include but are not limited to:

Show all units on radar anywhere, sniper crosshair, re-colored the granades so "invisible grenades" are not invisible, bothan cloak 50% less effective, removed screen "shaking" and "rumbles" from weapons so that you can get better control when stuck with team mates spamming grenades, removed visual animations and time bomb explosions to help reduce lag on slow computers, but dont worry the weapon still works, it just disappears, can remove mists, dust, dirt, and shake effects from map files like on Mustafar and Tantive, can increase the dot size for individual troopers on the radar, I do this to know when a hero or special is approaching, to change the attack strategy better, extended class switch radius (4X), among others.

Being a part of this clan get better on the PC side Very Happy

FYI, this will not work for Steam versions of the game, you need the CD version for all this to work.

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