[OLD] Council Rules

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[OLD] Council Rules

Post by ṜṲṖṬṲṜḜ on 31.08.14 12:48

Here are some ground rules for Council members...

-A Raptor General can only be promoted to Councilor if all members of the Council agree on promoting the General.
-Councilors are expected be active and to show maturity, respect, idealism, motivation, and most importantly, commitment.
-If a Councilor does not show initiative and all other Councilors agree, a Councilor can be temporarily or permanently removed from the Council.
-If a majority (3/4ths or more) of all Raptor members agree, a Councilor may be revoked leadership privileges.
-All major clan decisions must be taken by the whole Council. If a decision made by a Council member is not agreed upon by the rest of the Council members prior to execution, a minimum of 2/4ths of the Council have the right to revoke the decision made. 
-All disputes regarding clan matters should be consulted with a Council member.


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