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Post by suedskies™ on 19.10.14 22:04

Ventrilo Server Ventrilo_server
Ventrilo Can Be Utilized And Used To Be Quite A Powerful Tool For Any PC Clan; In This Case, The Raptor Empire Cool. Raptor Will Begin Using A Ventrilo VoIP Server. I Think I Speak For All Of Us When I Say: Communication Is Key In Any Clan's Competitive Edge. It Doesn't Only Make Us Stronger On The Battlefield, But Also Keeps Raptor The Tight Nit Group That We Try To Maintain. Downloading Ventrilo Takes Literally 2 minutes As It's Such A Unique, Quick & Simple VoIP Server Prefered By Most For That Very Reason! 
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Alrighty, So Once You've Got Vent Downloaded & Properly Installed Onto Your PC Open It Up And Hit The Arrow Next To The Text Box Beside "User Name" And Give Yourself A Name. Then Hit The Arrow Beside The Text Box For The "Server" Field And Punch In This Info...

Hostname or IP:
Port Number: 4150
Password: N/A
Default Channel: N/A

Now Just Hit Connect And I'll See Ya'll On There! Twisted Evil
I'll Be Sure To Give Des And Star The Admin Password Via Forumotion PM And They Can Rank The Rest Of You As They See Fit.


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