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This is a list of Raptor's past members. Each member has their own biography based on what they have done while in Raptor. Enjoy! (This is a work in progress...)


Americano (aka Chronos)
Americano had been around the SWBF2 community for a long time when he joined the Star Wars Legends. He had been in at least 2 clans together with Oscar and, thus, when he applied, there was little question in regards to him becoming a part of SWL. He had always been active in chunks of time though, sometimes leaving for months without prior warning. When he joined however, he promised not to do that. Americano was a nice guy overall and was quite active on Skype and the site, however immature for his young age. He remained loyal for a few months, most of which he was inactive, and after he came back from his inactivity the second time around and spent a few days actively with the clan, he decided to leave Raptor and join Legends, because he wanted to play only Jedi. Needless to say, he became inactive a few weeks after joining -£- as well.
Status: Left.

Arce (aka Elmer)
Arce joined the clan when Advance Lethal Squad and the Star Wars Legends merged. However he did not feel like SWL was the right clan for him and left shortly after.
Fun fact: Arce was the founder of The Assassins, which was a "club" Oscar, Taylor, Doug, and a few others had been a part of for a long time.
Status: Left.

Assassin99 joined the clan when ALS merged into SWL. He was not active and was never seen with the tag on public servers. He was already done with the game when he joined, but got on chat a few times to get to know the clan. He was well known for his Sniper and Engineer skill that defined him as an elite player.
Fun facts: Assy is Escatony's son and a founder of the Ruthless clan.
Status: Retired/Inactive.

Aurorus joined the clan about 2 months after SWL was officially revived. He joined only because (SWL), the original founder of the Star Wars Legends, was in the clan. Though not very active on the site, Aurorus was a pub star, recognized for his Rocket skill by many on servers like the SWBF2 Official Arena. He was a fun person to talk to and he played some scrimmages with the clan to help us prepare for the SWBFC season 10, however he never participated in an official battle. Aurorus was one those legendary players who had been playing the game since it came out in 2006 and who never really lost their skill like most players do over time.
Fun fact: Aurorus has never joined another clan other than the Star Wars Legends.
Status: Inactive.

Darth was one of the early recruits from the PC sector. Recruited under the name "DarthTim", he changed him name to Darth to be more legit. He was quite active for a few weeks and improved his skill a lot, especially on special classes, but went inactive for unknown reasons. He was a young player but had a cool and mature personality, he was fun to hang around with.
Status: Inactive.

Doug joined the clan when FoS merged into SWL. StarSeeker had been training him for the upcoming SWBFC season 10 and thus he became a solid Grunt and Sniper. Doug has an unmistakably black personality. Talking to him is fun because he has an open personality. He was very active for a few months and was part of the lineup that defeated ALS in an official battle, but became inactive soon after. He recently came back and is active again.
Status: Active.

Droid (aka Droideka5550)
Droid was the second gamer to be recruited into SWL's PC division. He was recruited from a public server by Oscar, and went on to receive recognition for his skill and activity during his stay. He became the first Elite-ranked member in the clan and played in many scrimmages and battles. His black personality included black jokes and slurs that were always fun to listen to. He eventually became completely inactive and retired from SWBF2.
Status: Retired/Inactive.

Echo joined the clan when ALS merged into SWL. He was one of the most active members during the time that followed, getting involved with the clan every day and residing on Xat a lot. He was SWL's main Grunt and trained very hard in preparation for the upcoming SWBFC season 10. He had a cool personality and was fun to talk to. He almost never got into fights with anyone. Unfortunately, he lost interest and left the clan right before he retired completely from the game, missing the SWBFC season and leaving a gap in SWL's main lineup.
Status: Left.

Esca joined the clan when ALS merged into SWL. Always with a funny and extroverted personality, he usually made fun of members and guests alike, joking around and acting like a dick sometimes. He was very active on SWBF2 PC for a long time, and became a lethal Engineer. Though he had leadership capabilities, he always denied any promotion he was offered, with the reason that "you don't need a title to be a leader". He stayed loyal to the clan even after Shooter, his long time friend and Lord, left. That made their relationship somewhat uneasy, and proved that he had become loyal to the Star Wars Legends. Unfortunately, he grew tired of SWBF2 a few months later, and retired from gaming in general. However, he vowed to return to the rapetrain when the new Battlefront is released.
Fun facts: Escatony is a founder of the Ruthless clan, and the father of Assy (Assassin99).
Status: Retired.

Fir3hazard was officially the first member to join the Star Wars Legends. Oscar was still in Ruthless at the time and decided to create his own clan for SWBF2 on PC. Fir3hazard decided to join and was immediately given the Dark Lord rank (Co-Clan Leader). Together, they played on public servers and started recruiting for the brand new SWL clan. A few weeks later, there were complications in the Ruthless clan, and Oscar decided to kick him out of the clan.
Fun facts: Fir3hazard is the current clan leader of Ruthless. When Fir3hazard joined, he did so under an alias name called Ic313reak3r. 
Status: Kicked out.

Gooq (aka Gregort)
Gooq was recruited from the Official Server on PS2. He was never active on the site but did play with the tag a few times. Gooq had the potential to become a great Rocket, however he was young and did not take the game seriously. He stopped checking the site a few weeks after he was recruited and disappeared from the game completely a few months later.
Status: Retired/Inactive.

Guillaume was one of the last "solo" gods on the PC platform when he joined. He had incredible Sniper skill and was a well known No-Force Jedi player. Oscar saw him in a public server raping noobs one day, and he decided to give him a good fight. After what was almost a 1on1, Oscar asked him to join the clan, and Guillaume denied the invitation. However, Oscar didn't give up and messaged him on X-fire every once in a while. They often played together in public servers, and when the opportunity came, Oscar asked him to play in a scrimmage with the clan. Guillaume agreed and the other clan got raped. He decided to join and was active for a few months until he abruptly disappeared from the game completely. He participated in many scrims and battles with the clan and proved to be one of the best players who still played the game at the time. Guillaume had a strong French accent but was overall a nice guy (l0l joke, French people are not all bad).
Status: Retired.

Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye was a very early recruit. Oscar saw him play on a public server and asked him if he wanted to join because he had a good Sniper. Hawk was in the clan SIN, but left to join SWL. He was very active and played in a few battles, until he had to stop playing because he had to focus on school.
Status: Retired.

Jdog became known for racking up over 100,000 hours on the SWBF2 Official Server and holding the no.1 spot until the server died. He had no life and was not ashamed to say it over the mic for everyone to hear. He was a cool person and very mature for his young age. Though not the most skillful player, he was recruited into SWL during the SWBFC season 10 because he was very active. However he did not improve enough skill-wise and stopped playing in clan-related stuff a few weeks later. He eventually lost interest in the game and moved on.
Status: Retired/Inactive.

Killem joined after the end of the SWBFC season 10. He was very active and was recognized for his devotion to SWL, earning him the General rank very soon after joining the clan. He was on the site and Skype a lot and became very involved. He was a nice guy who never got into any kind of trouble. Unfortunately, he one day disappeared all of a sudden and stopped replying to any messages on Skype. To this day it remains a mystery whether he is even alive. Hope remains that he simply got tired of gaming and became inactive.
Status: Inactive.

Lavica (aka Italian-Girl)
Lavica was most likely one of most hated players on public servers. Noobs would get butthurt on her Gametracker wall (*coughMNCcough). She had the skill of an elite player, especially when she played Rocket. One day, Lavica played in a scrimmage with Oscar when he was still in Ruthless, and they realized that together they formed a powerful team, when they beat the Ruthless main lineup with awards at the end of all maps. After that scrim, Oscar asked her to join the clan he was getting ready to create, but she declined. She was not into clan-related stuff at the time. However, after SWL had grown in numbers, and as she dropped by the chat a few times, she realized that SWL was not just another clan of [R]etarded fago[TS] (like Ruthless Tactics Squad), and she decided to join under the name "Batibat" (later to be changed to Lavica). She played with the clan often and was part of the lineup that defeated ALS in an official battle. Unfortunately, she went to college and had to stop playing on PS2, which left a gap on our main lineup that would never be filled again. She later joined us on the PC platform and together with Ehden (Nephalem) helped the clan grow more active and competitive, especially on the (SWL)HELLFIRE server Nephalem hosted. She eventually lost interest and decided to play Diablo 3. She had a very fun personality and was cool even to those who hated her for her skill.
Fun fact: Lavica is Nephalem's sister.
Status: Retired.

Legend J`r. (aka Vice)
Vice was a member from the first generation of the Star Wars Legends. He joined a few months after the rebirth, when he found out that SWL was back. He played a few times on public servers and dropped by the chat a few times, however he did not become fully active at any point in time. He was a very nice guy and was fun to talk to, it is a shame he never became active with the clan, because he was also very skilled on PS2.
Fun facts: The first time I (Oscar) saw Vice was the third time I ever got online, he absolutely raped me. At the time he was in the clan Strike the Resistance (STR) which would be the father clan of Ruthless.
Status: Retired/Inactive.

Michael joined during the SWBFC season 10 because he had a misunderstanding with Phantom from the clan Remains of the Republic. He played in a few battles and proved to be a very strong player on PS2 as well as on PC. Michael was active most of the time while in the clan, and inconsistently to this day he plays SWBF2 on PC. He was well known for his skill and was one of the only players from Europe who was able to play in American servers and still be a top tier Rocket or Engineer. Though considered an egotistical fag by noobs, Michael was a cool guy who knew how to play the game well, which was why he was hated by a few gamers. Michael also played a big role in the clan on the SWBF2 PC division, participating in as many scrimmages and battles as he could, and helping the team win all of them. Though he never officially left, he became inactive and retired from gaming until recently, though he has not re-joined the clan... yet.
Status: Inactive.

Nephalem (aka Ehden)
Nephalem joined SWL after he left Ruthless. Also known as Eden (or Ehden), he was the gamer Oscar talked to the first time he got on Gametracker. Eden was in Apocalypse at the time and when Oscar asked him how to join Apocalypse, he was very cool and helped him reach Apocalypse's Clan Leader, Shawn. Eden was not very active until he joined SWL, where he hosted his own server called (SWL)HELLFIRE which became a hugely successful server thanks to him. He dedicated much of his time to making sure the clan's server was populated, which helped the clan grow in numbers and skill. Nephalem helped convince Lavica to join the clan, and together they formed a powerful team. He played in many scrimmages and battles and helped the team constantly with anything he could, even making promotional videos playing in his server. Nephalem was a cool guy from Italian descent and was like the nicest guy in a world populated by scum and villainy. However, after gamespy shut down, he decided it was his time to move on, so he stopped playing SWBF2 to play Diablo 3 with Lavica. He became completely inactive on the forum but keeps in contact with the clan on Facebook. Who knows, one day he may come back...
Fun fact: Ehden is Lavica's brother.
Status: Inactive.

Nitr0 (aka Cobra)
Cobra applied, was denied, and applied again out of the blue. Though he had applied to other clans first, he was accepted with a month of probation. Though not considered particularly bright or skillful, he improved a lot while in the clan due to his activity and motivation. He supported the clan with a server he called (SWL)LEGEND. He was however not very mature either and was revoked membership privileges after the month of probation went by.
Status: Kicked out.

Our Lord Megadeath
I don't know what to say... Megadeath was a legend. He was solid with all classes and played perhaps 10 hours a day. Later in his career, it is popular belief to think that he became a junkie and started his long downhill fall skill-wise. When he joined SWL, he was not the player he used to be anymore, but he was committed to the clan and helped out in preparation for the SWBFC season 10. He was one of the coolest, nicest, highest persons you could ever meet. He even posted some videos on Youtube of him talking about players he had seen and played with, and talking about their skill and girth... witch added credibility to the argument that he was a junkie. He dropped by the Xat many times and played in our Matrix server when there were no active public servers. He will be remembered as a legend, an icon, a gamer like no other.
Status: Retired.

Pain (aka Ace)
Ace joined to help out during the SWBFC season 10. Pain was an alias he used because he did not want his clan leader Mandalore from Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders to know he was playing for SWL. He played in a few battles and proved to be one of the best Engineers of his time, even though his best class was Sniper. Though he was not very active, he helped the clan out as much as he could, even though he could have been kicked out of the clan he was Co-Clan Leader of. The Star Wars Legends will always be extremely thankful for what {MNC}Ace did out of his generous personality.
Status: Retired.

Rated R (aka Naga)
Rated R joined SWL during the SWBFC season 10. He was extremely active and played in many battles on PS2, even as an Engineer despite his limited experience. Though it was no secret that a few SWL members had a personal problem with Naga, he was a good member and took part in many events with the clan. Naga became less of a nuisance to most Raptor members after the SWBFC season and he started playing with the clan on SWBF2 PC. A few months later however, it became known that Naga was also in the clan Greatness, Nothing Else. It was unfortunately decided to kick him out for double clanning. Naga brought many good things to the clan such as activity, diversity and ideas that helped the clan grow.
Status: Kicked out.

Rupture was considered a top tier Engineer during the time he was active. He decided to join after his failed attempt at making his own clan called REV during the off-season leading up to the SWBFC season 10. He never did come back to the game however, as the hopes of him coming back diminished with his performance in the few practices he attended. After all, he had been playing for a very long time and his prime was long gone. The skill he had as an Engineer however will never be forgotten.
Status: Retired.

Savior (aka Bassmekanik)
Bass joined the clan when FoS merged into SWL. He was very active for months and played in many practices and scrimmages. Though better known for his Jedi capabilities, he always tried his best and eventually grew a solid Grunt. He was a fun character to talk to, though a little strange at times. After he started becoming more inactive, he one day came to the Xatbox and started talking shit about everything, raging about how "bad" the game was, how he never wanted to play again, etc. which pretty much forced StarSeeker and Oscar to kick him out of the clan. A few months later however, he came back and kindly asked to join back. He was accepted and soon after became inactive again, which proved that he didn't care and was soon after kicked out again.
Status: Kicked out.

Shadow (aka Vanguard)

Shooter joined SWL before the begining of the SWBFC season 10 and brought with him his entire clan, Advance Lethal Squad [ALS] into the Star Wars Legends, in what can be considered a merge. He was given the rank Clan Leader and together with Oscar, lead the clan for 3 prosperous months, until he decided to leave for "classified" reasons. In the time he spent in the clan, he showed maturity, skill, and the motivation to train with fellow members of the clan, in preparation and anticipation for the upcoming SWBFC season. He saved SWL from a certain downfall when he joined, as he brought in many members (Escatony, Echo, Vizzard, Yodock, among others) when SWL had only a few active members left. Those members who joined with Shooter remained loyal to SWL for months to come. Shooter was a Lord with a cool attitude and calm nature. He will always be remembered as one of SWBF2's best Engineers of his time on PlayStation2.
Fun facts: Shooter was in Ruthless with Escatony and Assassin99 and they all left to create the clan Advance Lethal Squad.
Status: Left.


Star (aka Thunder)
Star was a solid PC player with a lethal Dark Trooper. He joined under the alias ''Thunder'' because he was loyal to the clan Dark. He was extremely active and played in many scrimmages and battles. He helped the clan grow and grow more established. After what could be described as a long journey of glory and honor, Star, no longer hiding his membership to SWL from his Dark brothers, retired with honor from the Battlefront.
Status: Retired.

Stewie G was recruited from a public server on SWBF2 PC. He was considered one of the top 5 Snipers of all time. Though he was not very active, he played in a few SWBFC battles and a few scrims. Though he never officially left, he became inactive with the clan even though he still plays to this day in mixes BoMbeR organizes. He was a nice guy and added credibility to SWL being the last great clan on SWBF2 PC after the Shadow Rogues died.
Fun fact: Stewie was in the clan Smoke Jaguar, what at one point was the number 1 clan (skill-based) on the game MechWarrior.
Status: Inactive.

Stick joined SWL for fun and was active for a few months. A former SWBF2 player on PS2, he no longer played the game but came on chat a lot and Skyped with the clan regularly. He was known for his jokes and fun personality, he even liked to pretend he was Hitler because he is was from Germany and Hitler is associated with fun in Germany. He played GTA5 for some time but never played in any clan events with the clan. He will be remembered as a fun person, sometimes racist, sometimes sexist, sometimes a fgt, who will forever be in our hearts.
Fun fact: Stick was a former member of Strike the Resistance, the father clan of Ruthless.
Status: Retired.

Stormtrooper 69
Stormtrooper joined the clan thanks to Droid, his real life friend. Unfortunately, the day after he joined, he played in a scrim against the clan Shadow Rogues, and got absolutely raped. He got so upset that he went inactive. He was never seen again. RIP...
Status: Raped.

(SWL) (aka Legend)
(SWL) was the founder of the Star Wars Legends on PlayStation 2. It took Oscar 3 months of waiting for a Facebook message reply from him to allow for the second generation of SWL to rise. Though not very active on the site, (SWL) (sometimes called Legend) would play in public servers all the time (some believe still to this day). He played the game since it came out and was considered an all time legend, never better said.
Fun fact: (SWL) is the father of (SWL)Legend, a member of the first generation Star Wars Legends. 
Status: Inactive.

Taylor (aka A$AP)
Taylor joined the clan when FoS merged into SWL. He was very active and became a solid Grunt and Rocket. Often underrated, Taylor had the potential to become an elite Engineer as well as any other class he would set his heart on, however chose to be primarily a Jedi player and was never active enough to reach a top tier level on Conquest. He was one of the main grunts during the SWBFC season 10 and played in many battles. He had a cool black personality, he made everyone in the clan feel more at home, and always pushed the leaders to improve the clan which helped him reached a high ranking prestige in the clan. Later on however, as time went by he drifted away from Raptor, and in time was caught double clanning with Greatness, Nothing Else and was therefore kicked out of the clan.
He soon was accepted back and was reassigned with a new classified mission.
Fun facts: Taylor had been in the clan Ruthless with Oscar and StarSeeker, and was the Clan Leader of the Future of Star Wars (FoS).
Status: Active.

A member recruited over Xat by Stripes, he did not stay long with the clan and thus nothing much is known about him.
Status: Inactive.

The second in command of the Star Wars Legends, Titan was the longest lasting Dark Lord until his retirement after the SWBFC season 11. When he first joined, he was very active, playing in many scrimmages and representing the clan on public servers on both PC and PS2. On PS2, he played many battles on the SWBFC Season 10 and was considered a top tier player on both Rocket and Engineer, sometimes playing Sniper and Grunt, as he had all the skill he needed to play any class he was needed on. On PC, he received numerous accusations of "hacking" and "cheating" due to his godly Sniper and Engineer skill. When it came down to it, Titan was a top tier player able to shut down the enemy when needed, which is why from the very start of his membership, he played a leadership role both on and off the battlefront. Titan had a great personality and made friendships almost everywhere. A well rounded individual, he was a core member of the team. SWL would not have been the same without him. We all miss his presence and hope he will be back for the new Battlefront. We hope to see you kicking ass again soon!
Update*: Titan came back February 2015 to help the team compete in Bomber's Galactic Conquest and for a classified mission.
Status: Active.

ToaGuy joined the clan when FoS merged into SWL. From day one, he dedicated himself exclusively to the clan. He was one of the most loyal and active members, and in a short time-span was given a leadership role in the clan. He played in most SWBFC battles on PS2 and proved to be a well rounded player with all classes the game has to offer. Toa had a cool personality and was an ideal member of the clan. He played a lot, talked a lot, and even recorded videos for the clan. As a co-leader, he became very involved in many aspects of the clan, being active on the site and chat, training with members on the Matrix server, talking on Skype with the clan almost every day, as well as making sure it was a fun environment for everyone. Thank you, for your loyalty, activity, and devotion to this clan. It will be remembered!
Status: Retired/Inactive.


Vadryn was recruited from Xat and posted a few times on the site. He became inactive less than a month later however and so not much is known about him.
Status: Inactive.

Considered one of the best Rocket players of all time on PS2, Vergamaton was both hated and loved by many. His presence was at its peak during the .Com era but he remained semi-active during the summers. Before the SWBFC Season 10, Vergamaton was interested in joining a clan for fun, and was accepted into the Star Wars Legends. He played in a scrim and regularly in public servers during that summer, but he was never really active on the site. His legendary skill and friendliness will never be forgotten.
Status: Retired/Inactive.

Vizzard joined the clan when ALS merged into SWL. He had a very solid Rocket and was the only hope for the SWBFC season 10 after Lavica stopped playing on PS2, however he was never active and didn't show up for practices or scrims. He later followed Shooter back into ALS.
Fun fact: Vizzard was one of the first members to join the clan Ruthless.
Status: Left.

Widow Maker
Considered by many one of the best players who ever touched this game, Widow joined thanks to Wyobear, his long time boyfriend on Battlefront 2. Widow never registered on the site and only wore the SWL tag once, but he did participate in a few matches (including a SWBFC battle against NH) and was active on our server (SWL)HELLFIRE. He had one of the best Sniper skills out there and was equally lethal as an Engineer, but what made Widow one of the best players of all time was his skill with special classes, notably a beast Wookie. He has been playing for years and to this day he did not lose his skill, which adds credibility to his legendary name. Though he was not very active, he was a fun guy to talk to game with. His presence in the clan made a big difference.
Status: Left.

Wizard (Scarface and Bellatrix)
Wizard joined SWL after his clan called Legends died out. He was very active for a long time and participated in many scrims and battles which SWL won. While he pretended to be a girl when he joined, he was a cool person and an ideal member. Wizard joined when the clan was relatively new and was recognized for his talent; he earned his way through the ranks and was considered a core member of the clan. Later on though, rumors spread that he was double clanning. It was later proved that he was in Dark, and was unfortunately kicked out of Raptor. Wizard is a cool guy who trolls sometimes and knows how to have fun. He was accepted back into Raptor soon after he was kicked out and is currently active.
Status: Active.

WOW never officially joined SWL, though he played in a scrim or two with the clan as a ringer. He later on joined Raptor under an alias name to troll on public servers. He also came around the chat a few times to troll and insult me, though, I know he did it with love. He was a fag and deserved to be called gay. He was fun to talk to and troll with.
Status: Inactive.

One of the most experienced SWBF2 players of the time, Wyobear was considered one of SWL's best players during the time he was in the clan. He was very active and was the main reason SWL won all scrims and battles we played. A crude humored fgt, he enjoyed trolling other clans as well as Oscar (me). He brought Widow Maker to the clan and together with the core of the clan won the SWBFC season 1 championship on PC (before the admins considered there wasn't enough competition and took back their crown), for whatever that's worth. He was the only member ever awarded the ─ℓєgєη∂─ award, as well as one of the few Hall of Fame Inductees. His departure came with SWL's retirement from SWBF2. Wyobear was a cool dude overall and will be remembered as a strong active leader in this clan's history.
Status: Left.

Yodock joined the clan when ALS merged into SWL. He was never really active with the clan but he played a few times on public servers like the Official Server with the SWL tag. Where his whereabouts are is currently a mystery.
Status: Inactive.

Biographies written by Oscar.  :palpatine:


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