Map pack

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Map pack

Post by BoMbeR on 01.02.15 5:40

The Map pack for the tournament has been completed. There will be 6 new maps to be played in my Galactic Conquest tournament. I am not going to release it yet because I have to edit two of the maps and add a radar skin to them, as of now two of the maps have a all white radar but you can go look up the map names on the swbf2 filefront if you really wanna know what they look like. 

Maps I have chosen:

Bothawui - A very well made conquest map in the city of Bothawui, Medium size. It was heavily favored to the empire side until I modded one of the CP's neutral.

Coruscant: Palpatine's Office - Very small map, smaller then Tantive IV with a lot more flag running routes. 

Geonosis: Freight Dock - More of a small Arena map. Very ideal for CTF. 

Dyuxx: Sunken Hallow - Basically a new version of Dagobah but smaller with different flag running routes. 

 Raxus Prime: Junk Canyon - More of a Larger size map with A LOT of cover. 

Rhen Var: Citadel - SWBF1 map and also known as the greatest map ever made. 


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Re: Map pack

Post by ṜṲṖṬṲṜḜ on 01.02.15 7:51

omg swag. I'll try to get Bolt's ppl to join this as well Very Happy

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