Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Glory

The stench of rotting bodies surround and penetrate deep into the heart of the massive arena. Confused by the inexplicable circumstance of their arrival, the two soldiers are immediately forced to relentlessly battle unknown enemy forces looming near and far beyond the foreseeable horizon, as they try to dominate these treacherous landscapes. Days of carnage pass as Oscar and Titan fight their way out of the sunken deep. In this unknown abyss they are nameless- unknown enemies to the different factions who fight for the absolute control of the battlefront...

As they cover more and more distance away from the conflux obelisk where they arrived, they begin to realize their worse nightmare is becoming true. There is essentially no difference- the terrain, dark and cold. The water, black, still; lifeless. The vegetation, dry and rough as if no being was ever meant to consume it. There is no way out of this frozen hell...

They are chased away from the surroundings of the conflux by perhaps the most notorious and powerful creatures in this world, known as the Shadow Rogues. Exhausted and demoralized, yet still alive, they decide to join forces with other survivors. Finding honorable warriors will require time and a good eye, for things are never the way they seem in this socially disgraceful society. Among many treacherous allies and recruits, some warriors start to make a name for themselves in this outcast union of survivors. Among them, 2 who exhibit the most courage and skill and thus impact the outcome of their successful battles call themselves Wyo and Sir Nothing. As a core team of 4 and leaders of a new union bound by vengeance, they defeat some corrupt enemies and attract the attention of many warriors who join their cause. Together they form a new faction- they have evolved from their beginnings as mere survivors and fought their way to the top of the food chain in this forsaken land. They have become apex predators who fight for the dominance of the battlefront...

Constant successful battles against the Rogues and the so called Dark creatures earn them a new nickname, which they adopt. They become, the Legends. Despite their success rate, their forces deplete. They have explored vast plains far beyond the horizon and yet they have found nothing but dirt, ice and death. It becomes clear that the only way to escape their marked graves on this abyss is to escape through the conflux, the most praised artifact by the Rogues. Escaping through it is their only salvation, and acquiring it before their numbers diminish too greatly is crucial...

Alas, a raid is organized. All soldiers ready their weapons and souls for what could be the most brutal battle ever to take place for the control of the conflux obelisk. Everything is at stake; their lives, their honor, the fate of the battlefront and even the lives of the poor souls who land in this hell. Will all their hard work and determination to survive lead them to a stunning victory? Will they live to tell their tales of glory and sacrifice? Or will they perish like all others who have dared to come back to the Shadow Rogues' void...

The midnight hour is close at hand, and their hearts are racing to meet their demands. Alas! The raid takes place! Hundreds of soldiers clash in a ruthless battle against the 6 limbed sons of the shadow. The core 4 fight alongside each other on the most direct route to the obelisk. Bodies upon bodies of their foes fall to the floor, yet the swarms of Rogues continue to arise from the ground. The closer to their target they get, the more the ground changes texture... Now a black void surrounds them, the ground caves in every step they take... Suddenly, out of nowhere, soldiers flood the void from the opposite direction! Oscar turns to see the Rogues running for their lives as he realizes what just happened. As he turns back he hears the voice of his commander, StarSeeker. Traced back to this world, StarSeeker used the conflux obelisk to rescue Oscar from the evident demise he was about to face, and just in time!...

United and finally in control of an obelisk, the Legends vow to become the warriors of peace and order. It is on this day that the fate of the battlefront falls to the hands of this group of survivors, who have been strong enough to endure countless tests of vigilance, survival, teamwork, and strength. Together, they have earned their rightful name and they have in effect become, Legends!

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