GCT Official Date!

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GCT Official Date! Empty GCT Official Date!

Post by BoMbeR on 09.02.15 1:55

GCT Official Date! CHE0vKU

I have a official start date on my Galactic Conquest Tournament, it will start on February 16th 2015. I will need who ever is running the [Raptor] team to sign up on the website to be able to post attacks and such, anyone else can sign up but it is not required.

Sign up here!

Everything you will need to know about this tournament can be found in this thread on the website. 

Everything you need to know!

Each week there will be a topic created for all of the clans attacks. 

Week 1 attacks can be found here!

[Raptor] can go ahead and post what planet they want to attack.

Don't forget to post the [Raptor] roster here!

GCT Official Date! DYixunb


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